Teo Jing Yuan

New Media Development and Trends

Research Findings (3)

Social networking site – YouTube

Benefits of using YouTube
– Good search function whereby potential client/customer can find the organisation through.
– YouTube video that will be listed on the first page of Google.
– Able to embed it anywhere including blog/webites and share it on Facebook/Twitter.
– Increase trust with client as videos allow client/customer to hear and see opinions about the services.

A case study on the successful use of YouTube:

More people come to know about the man without limbs that is able to live his life usefully, some of the people/subscribers even find the videos on the channel very inspiring. Hence it is successfully in spreading the positive message around.

Similarly, we can use the help of YouTube to spread awareness of SAVH and let more people become volunteers or participate in the activities/campaigns. A short trailer-like video clip will be able to generate viewers’ curiosity which one then get them to find out more. Here is a prototype of a video clip made by me.


Research Findings (2)

How does advertising on Facebook works?

  1. Design the advertisement and include a short write up (not more than 135 characters) about the advertisement
  2. Target the advertisement to a certain location, demographics, connections or/and interests.
  3. Schedule the advertisement and include the budget with the amount of money to pay per click/view.

CPC is cost per click, whereby the ad has to be paid everytime it is being clicked.
CPM is cost per view, whereby the ad has to be paid everytime it is being viewed.

Facebook Ad Price Statistics in Singapore

Research Findings (1)

The difference between Facebook Page and Facebook Group

Differences in the types

Facebook Page

Facebook Group

Community Page – For general topics 

– Does not generate News Feed stories


Open Group – Members and content are public 


Official Page – Maintained by authorized representative 

– Able to create and share information about the thing they represent

Closed Group – Members are public, content is private 


Secret Group – Members and content are private 


Differences in the features

Features Facebook Page Facebook Group
URL with name included Yes No
Visibility to unregistered people Yes Yes/No 

(Depending on the privacy settings)

Invite/Suggestion Yes Yes
Customizable application tabs Yes No
Promote with an ad Yes No
Page insights Yes No
Chat option No Yes
Public exchange of video and audio Yes Yes
Discussion wall Yes Yes
Events Yes Yes

Facebook Pages are for organisations, businesses, product, etc. Basically it’s like a fan page, catering more to a big group of people.
Facebook Groups are for quick and active discussion, mainly for a small group of people.

Hence Facebook Group can be used for SAVH’s volunteers so that they can organise events/activities/campaigns more efficiently when they stay connected in the group.

Final Project Workload


  • Mobile Employment
  • Organize contests
  • Barcodes scanning
  • Case studies on organizations
  • SAVH – activities
  • Consolidate powerpoint


  • Micro blogging
  • Using famous bloggers/nuffang
  • Google analytic
  • Case studies on organizations
  • SAVH – needs & clients
  • Prototype micro blogging

Jing Yuan

  • Social Networking
  • Consolidate PowerPoint
  • YouTube
  • Case studies on organizations
  • SAVH – Partnership
  • Prototype of YouTube


  • Kinds of blogs – Security for blog
  • Edit website
  • Long-term maintenance
  • Case studies on organizations
  • SAVH – current status
  • Prototype of website

New Media Landscape

1. Reflect on 5 key points each Speaker had mentioned during his presentation.

Tan Kian Ann
– Results will only be shown in the long run.
– Have to spend time to explain to the client about all the technological terms.
– Constantly update on the latest IT technology.
– The project might not be successful, hence trial-and-error.
– Research from users’ perspective.

Lionel Chin
– Don’t be so calculative in terms of the amount of money being paid to you at the start, as long as your client is satisfied with the work, he/she will refer you to other people for more work opportunities.
– Most clients are demanding.
– It is not a easy-making-money job, it requires a lot of hard work.
– Don’t be intimidated by the powerful programmer from other countries.
– Be firm to tell clients about your working hours.

2. List at least 3 things that has inspired you from this lecture.

– I’m inspired to work hard to complete my diploma.
– I’m inspired to create amazing web pages in the future.
– I’m inspired to be good at both programming and designing.

3. Do you think its useful to have guest speakers share their expertise, experience and “Tips & Tricks” of the trade? (Explain)

I think the talk is useful in general because it will help us know what we can do in the future as long as we work hard. The experience from them will let us be prepared for the bad experiences and to rejoice for the good experiences.

Field trip to ACM

This is me at the ACM (Asian Civilisations Museum)!

1. Favourite ACM exhibits

Torajan House at Southeast Asia Gallery 4a

Welcome to the Torajan House

The Torajans from Sulawesi, Indonesia are known for their tongkonans. A tongkonan is a very spectacular house for living in and for celebration. The towering roof and rich decoration protects its occupants from danger.

The root word, tongkon means “to sit in one’s proper place”. Your house shows who you are in the village! The higher status you have, the more decorated your house is.

Visitors get to go into the house to get a real life experience of living in the house. Although there is another house (Thai house, Reading Corner) in the same gallery, but Torajan house allows me to have hands on with the things inside. There are many artefact inside the house with explanations on it, so visitors will also get to feel it. Artefact include:

Buffalo carving
This door leads to the room where a Torajan family keeps their treasures. A vertical staff between the horns of a buffalo is carved onto the door. This shows that the entrance is well-guarded.

I did not manage to see the carvings until I discovered that I had to close the door in order to see it, it was not really visible in the low lightings, so I guess we are supposed to feel the carvings instead.

Motif Puzzle
See if you can form the buffalo, a symbol of courage for the Torajans! (Visitors are allowed to move the pieces in the 4 directions – up, down, left and right for the puzzle to look like the actual piece.)

I tried out the puzzle but didn’t manage to get it right after quite some time of trying and gave up in the end. I guess I am just not good with puzzles.

Offerings to the Gods
The roof is the gateway to heaven. It is the best place to present offerings of betal nuts and sireh leaves to the gods.


They are not real food, but they sure do look real.

Look at all these precious cloths! The more textiles a family owns, the higher status they have.

Ampang Bilik
Ampang bilik or “the doorstep of the room” is found in the central room of the tokongnan. It is a beautiful decorative panel which features animals and images which are very special to the torajans.

See if you can find the buffalo, the pig, the rooster, the snakes and the sun disks.

Lastly, this is found on the floor after pulling a string.

It felt like uncovering some mystery behind the house and woah, awesome experience! Exhibit being presented as a miniature house that allows interaction. It is indeed a creative way to incorporate fun and knowledge into it.


Supermighty Heroes of Asia at Shaw Foundation Foyer

This is an exhibit curated specially for the kids. Since the targeted audience is for children, hence the colours used are bright and colourful. There are different figurines of the heroes in different panels telling different stories. The exhibit showcases different heroes and heroines, which includes Mulan, Monkey God, Sha Wujing, Ravana, Rama and Hanuman, Rustam and Prince Paji. Examples of some of the panels which includes:

I like the stories on the panel to be short and precise, wordy words is a turn off to me and I concentrate reading it. Figurines in the panels did help in spicing up the exhibit by making it more lively and having the 3D effects. Adding on, figurines are not made the actual way, they are more interesting and cute-looking in the panels.

Besides the panels, there are more information being displayed on side of it in this manner:


This allows visitors to do some thinking, before the answer is being presented and this is educational in a sense. Hence this allows interaction between visitors and the exhibit. Another way of presenting the items is by lifting up the flap to see the objects related to the heroes. It is like little surprises being given each time I flip open the flap and I was amazed by it the first time.

Best part of all is this awesome game corner.

This “Shoot the Demons with Rama!” game is not only attracted by little kids, but big kids too. Basically the game is suitable for all ages as long as you dare to play it.

The overall experience for this exhibit is wonderful because I feel like a kid all over again while looking at them. Brings back all the childhood stories that I used to read about. I think this exhibit is creative because sufficient information is being provided in the most interesting way through panels, figurines, flipping of flaps and the game.


2. New Media Tools/Technologies

Touch screen to choose the clip that you want to view

Basically, this is a touch screen technology. It is very common in the museum. Visitors get to choose whichever they want to watch/listen to. The one on the left is more of a historical story, while the one on the right is more of a personal opinion.

This technology uses sensor to sense if a mask is on it and it will produce a speech bubble to look as if the masks are talking to one another. Users will be curious to read it because it’s in short sentences and interested to find out more.


3. Recommendations

By using the sensor technology and implementing it on the museum, this is to brighten up the lights when there’re people around the exhibit. This allows visitors to take better quality pictures, because we are not allowed to use flash light from our camera and pictures often turns out to be grainy in the dark.

Visitor guide can be in a form of a tablet that allow galleries to be in a form of augmented reality. This is to let visitors decide if they are interested in the galleries/exhibits there before walking there. It saves time and makes it more effective in a way.

Literature Review

Article: Put Your Contents In My Pocket
Website: http://alistapart.com/articles/putyourcontentinmypocket/


Brief overview

The chosen article is mainly on iPhone and Mobile Safari. Apple is about to sell ten million iPhones by the end of 2008. The number of iPhones sold currently, is more than 41,152,350 (http://numberof.net/number-of-iphones-sold-2/), that is 300% increase and that is a big deal! Since there are millions of users accessing in to your site on a small display with high resolution. Therefore, content formatting for iPhone or any other mobile devices is also one of the factors we have to consider on top of the usual content formatting on computers. The article includes tips and tricks on the ways to do so.


Reasons for selecting this article

The name of the article attracted me, because I find it interesting. The technology is evolving from desktops, to laptops and now – the Internet-enabled handheld computers (smart-phones in short)! I think it will be a good choice of article, because my mother bought an iPhone 4 for me not too long ago and it is time to bring it to good use. I have been reading up on html codings for blog designing and I am keen to find out more regarding how sites work on iPhone. I have also watched video clips on Apple website learning more about all the hard work and effort put in while designing and manufacturing the iPhone we have today.


3 key findings

  1. Compatibility.
  2. Check your site for compatibility before making any changes to it. By doing so, you will want to make sure that your site is accessible by the iPhone. The most important point to take note of is the problem with flash plug-ins. Flash plug-ins are not compatible with iPhone, so it cannot display flash plug-ins at all, users will only get to see a blank box and/or “This is alternative content.”

    For example, here are 2 web pages with a flash plug-ins.

    The red circles indicates the place where the flash plug-in should be at, but there is nothing there showing on the iPhone screen.

  3. Usablity.
  4. For your navigations and links, it is good for it to be bigger than the size of your thumb or index finger. This is to reduce the effort a user has to take to click on the link, like trying very hard to aim and hit the link effectively. Adding on, you can now click on a link to make a call. Try to style the link and be careful with it so as to prevent error message from occurring. Take note that the screen size of an iPhone is 320 by 480 pixels, if it is possible, you might want to modify the size of your site’s contents to fit the size of an iPhone for it to work best without any scrolling. Also for usability, it is advisable for the images on the site to be compressed for the page to load faster. Some of the websites do have an alternative mobile page on top of the usual normal web page.

    An example will be Flickr.

    As you can see from the above pictures, the one on the left is the actual web page and the one on the right is the mobile page. Font size on the right is significantly larger than the one next to it. This is good for both readability and usability, in terms of clicking on the links.

  5. Interface Design.
  6. The network based on cell phone technology is much slower than broadband networks. Hence it is important to keep the design simple. On the iPhone, less is more. Let users focus on content, so do prevent over-cluttering of columns.

    Difference between over-cluttering and simplicity content:


Brief comparison

Apart from Mobile Safari browser on iPhone, there are 12 other alternatives web browsers that most of us might not have heard of before.

This is how the Mobile Safari browser icon looks like on iPhone! —> 

Here are the rest of the alternative browsers out there:

Aquari Browser

To have a secure web browsing with protected passcode.

Hot Browser

Loads a random popular site.


To view 2 web pages at the same time side by side.


To surf the web anonymously.

Magic Browser

For useful features not found in Mobile Safari.

Mini Browser

To use little memory space.


To block children from viewing adult content.


To surf the web anonymously with similar looking interface as Mobile Safari.


To delete cache, cookie and history upon exit.


Loads the page quickly without downloading advertisements and images.

Shaking Web

To surf on the go by shaking.

Wide Web With Twitter

To post a tweet with the web page and url quickly.

However, Mobile Safari is known to be the best mobile browser (http://browsers.about.com/od/allaboutwebbrowsers/a/bestmobilebrows.htm) because it offers a true desktop experience, Apple portable browser provides an impressive display, easy-to-zoom controls, bookmarks and a choice of integrated search engines.



After reading the article, I realized that iPhone did a significant impact on us today. When you are on a public transport, you will definitely see more than 1 iPhone user around you. This is why we will hardly see fully Flash operated sites these days. Take a look at the graph regarding the growth in iPhone and iPod Touch users.

Statistics from: http://metrics.admob.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/2010Q2-SEA-iPhone-and-iPod-touch-UU.jpg

Now let us compare iPhone and Android.

Overall strengths for iPhone:

If you are using both of the operating system for the first time, you will find that iPhone is easier to use and get the hang of it, whereas Android is a little too techy and complicated because it is running on Google platform. Hence, this shows that iPhone is more user-friendly as compared to Android. This is also why iPhone tends to be more popular among all age groups.

Statistics from: http://www.sanneblad.com/2010/02/27/iphone-user-statistics/

Overall weaknesses for iPhone:

Android is an open platform unlike iPhone, manufacturers are able to match it with any hardware. While for iPhone, it is always the same old design by Apple, and the only thing that is different will be the choice of colour (between black or white only).

On top of that, I found a video on YouTube showing the speed test between the latest version of iPhone and Android. Take a look.


Suggestions for the weaknesses:

Apple should do the same as Android by turning iOS into an open platform. This allows a lot more room for improvements and users will get to have a wider variety to choose from.


References and acknowledgements

New Media Terms Tag Cloud

New Media Terms
Tag Cloud
Web 2.0
Social Networking Site
Web Sharing Portal
User Generated Content
Micro Blogging
Voice Over IP Address
Flash Drive
Hard Disk
Mobile Phone
Plasma Television
Wireless Modem
RSS Feed
Crowd Sourcing
Viral Marketing

Self introduction

This is Jingyuan typing my first entry!

I have a thing for the colour black, dressing up in black from head to toe makes me happy. Hence I chose this theme to suit my likings.

For my latest happenings, I worked at the Expo IT fair with my Secondary school friends. I enjoyed promoting laptops and talking to different type of customers. It was a wonderful experience knowing other promoters around the same age as me, most of them are from Temasek Polytechnic too!

This is me…

…decorating a birthday cake at The Icing Room! :)